Forsaking Pride and Embracing Humility

James 4:10 Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.

The Lord is a friend of the humble, but he is an enemy of the proud. The Lord loves humble people. He is attracted to them. He blesses them. On the other hand, the Lord hates pride. Pride repels him. Those who live in pride will be punished. There is no blessing for the proud.

Today, let’s take about a serious matter. It is serious because we will reap the consequences of our lifestyle: if we are humble, God will promote us, but if we are proud, we will be demoted. God supports those who acknowledge their need for God and people. Yet he fights against those who act like they can save themselves from eternal judgment by their own good works and that they have no or very little need for people.

Are you a proud or a humble person? I am aware that such is a very personal question that is difficult to answer. Very many people are blind to their pride. They think that they are humble, but they are unaware that they are very self-sufficient in their relationship with God and/or are very rude to people or looking down on them. I know this is an area of life that I also struggle about and want to grow on. I need and want the Lord to change me here.

As we talk about this matter today, may our hearts be soft toward the Lord to receive instruction and possibly correction. May we not be proud and defensive. May we all be willing to be convicted by the Holy Spirit, and may we allow God to break our pride and lead us to embrace humility.

The Lord’s rich blessings be on you, your family, and your ministry.


Lathur Badoy