Built On The Rock

Welcome to the worship celebration of Lighthouse Christian Fellowship! We are happy that you came! We have prepared a special worship celebration that we trust will honor God and bring blessing to your life!

The Lord loves you so much! He has a wonderful plan for your life. He wants to give you a happy and meaningful future. As you join in the singing and the fellowship, and as you listen to the teaching from the Bible today, I encourage you to open your heart to the Lord! Give him first place in your life. Trust him and surrender the control of your life to him. That will make him happy, and that will result to positive change in your life that will bless you and your family.

Today’s teaching is about building life on solid foundation. You and I are building the houses of our lives either wisely or foolishly. The difference is not always apparent to us or other people. Yet we do well to reflect on the foundation of our lives because sooner or later there will be situations that will test and reveal the quality of our foundation. Lives that are built on strong foundation will stand the storms of life. But lives that are founded on something other than a solid foundation will be destroyed. You and I want to be well, not destroyed, after the trial has passed.