Living in Financial Peace, Joy, and Freedom

Hebrews 13:5 Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.

The Christmas season is almost here! Shopping, eating, and travelling are on the list of many people’s financial priorities. God blesses us so that we can enjoy as well as share with people in need.

So it may be a good time to think of and talk about God’s financial principles. They are the best advise there is on earth. The Bible contains God’s wisdom on the wise and foolish ways of handling finances.

For some, the things we will talk about may be new. Try to learn as much as you can because the things we will talk about are true and tested. For others, many of the things we will mention may be familiar. But I must encourage you to open your heart because the Lord may remind you to do what you already know but, for whatever reason, have not yet done.

The Lord is very interested in your financial peace, joy, and freedom. He wants you to be well financially. Financial well-being will bring joy to your life and be an inspiring testimony to believers and unbelievers alike. You will also be able to give to God’s work and people in need if you are financially okay.

There may be some things that we will talk about that may make some people uncomfortable. I’m referring to debt repayment and management. But, trust me: it may be painful at first, but it will be very liberating if you respond correctly. Many people have experienced better sleep, more joy, and greater financial freedom as they honored God’s instructions on debt repayment.

As you and I seek to know more how we can honor God and bless people by godly and wise financial decisions and lifestyle, we will be empowered to prosper in different areas of life. As we apply God’s teachings, we will be happier and God-glorifying.

God’s abundant grace and peace to you through Christ Jesus!


Lathur Badoy