Passion, Intensity, and Fruitfulness in the Vision

Acts 4:20 “…. we cannot stop talking about what we have seen and heard [concerning Jesus Christ].”

The Lord desires for you and me to be fruitful in our relationship with him. That shows that we are truly Christ’s followers. It also brings glory to the Father. When you and I have the fruits of growing godliness in character as well as people we are bringing to the Lord, we are fulfilling God’s will in our short lives on this present earth.

There is no more meaningful and fulfilling life than a life lived to bear fruit for God. Today, we want to explore some ideas that will help us become more productive for the Lord. We want to talk about passion for God, intensity in our quest to bring more people to the Lord, and the impact we can make for the Lord and his kingdom.

Passion is contagious. Passion is powerful. Winners have passion. The Lord wants you and me to be passionate in our relationship with him and service to him. This 2016 and beyond, let us be on fire for God with a fire that cannot be quenched.

Intensity can break through barriers. Intensity can destroy limitations. When you have forcefulness for God in your spirit, you can conquer for God. You will defeat enemies if you have a fierceness of heart in you.

When you have passion and intensity, you can be fruitful for the Lord. This year 2016, let us be fruitful for the Lord. Live with godliness. But also bring people to the Lord. Get involved in Change 12. Host or start a life group. Be bold in your stand for God. Tell others the good news of salvation through Christ. Share the powerful story of how God has changed your life because of Jesus Christ and his salvation.

God’s rich blessings on your life, family, and ministry!


Lathur Badoy