Living High Even When Feeling Low


2 Corinthians 2:14 Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ….

If you want to have a stable life, you have to anchor your life on something stable. If you build your life on some weak foundation, your life may fall when shakings come.

The reliable or unchanging character of God is a sure anchor for our souls. You and I will do well to anchor our lives on it. However, it’s possible to say that you believe in God and the promises of God, but if you don’t learn to live by faith (trust in God) instead of sight (feelings, analyses, etc), you will be unstable in your life.

The Lord wants you to live high…always. He wants you to be confident, hopeful, and courageously moving forward inspite of the ups and downs of the external circumstances. You can be sure that the events in your life will not always be favorable. There will be trials and troubles. But you can be equally sure that the Lord remains faithful and his promises will never fail. Therefore, you can be confident because you know that he always leads you in triumph in Christ Jesus (2 Corinthians 2:14).

Don’t let how you feel about certain situations hi-jack the great plans and promises of God in your life. Don’t let your negative emotions keep you from moving forward confidently and possessing the many good things God has prepared for you. You are a child of God, led by the Spirit of God. Thus, you live by faith (trust in the character and promises of God), not sight (feelings and other assurances you can get from the natural senses). By the grace of God, live by faith, not feelings. Yes, you can live high even when you sometimes feel low.

Are you hesitating to move forward in God’s will because you are afraid? Are you backing out of your commitments to the Lord because you do not feel much confidence that you can do it? No, don’t let fear, doubt, or negative feelings keep you from obeying God and moving forward. Remember the promise of God: he always leads you in triumph.

May God’s favor and blessings overflow in your life this week!

Lathur Badoy