You Have Bounce Back Power Through Christ

Micah 7:8 Rejoice not over me, O my enemy; when I fall, I shall rise; when I sit in darkness, the Lord will be a light to me.

HAPPY RESURRECTION WEEKEND! This weekend, we celebrate God’s victory over sin and death. Jesus Christ is risen. He is alive. He died and was buried, but he rose from among the dead. And because you are in him through faith, his resurrection is your resurrection, and his victory is your victory.

We all experience failure, falling, and defeats. They are part of the realities of life. Regardless of how spiritual you are, how gifted or able, or how strong your support system may be, you are going to experience failure and defeat.

But God provides supernatural, miracle-level power for the righteous and believing people! If you a true child of God and genuine follower of Christ, God’s all-surpassing power lives inside you. This includes the indestructible life that is yours because of Jesus Christ, the all-overcoming power of the Holy Spirit who lives inside you, and the built-in and unstoppable life that comes from the Word of God that you have received. You are loaded and dangerous to the devil and the kingdom of darkness. If you are not experiencing bounce back power today, it’s not because it is not there, but only because you are not aware that you possess such enormous resources in your arsenal.

Pressures may push in on you from many sides, but God’s strength inside you gives you the protection so that you are not destroyed. You remain in proper mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical shape because God’s power is stronger than steel or anything that may push hard on you and threaten to destroy you.

There may be confusion and unanswered questions, but they do not need to undermine your strong faith in God and your bold confidence that your future in Christ is secure and abundant. There may be “loose ends” now in your understanding as to why some things happenned or the reason there is a delay or an injustice of some kind in your life. But your joy in the Lord gives you strength and your faith in God triumphs over all doubts.

There may be persecutions and attacks. They may even come from those who are closest to you. They may hurt much and wound us deeply, but God is with us and we will be strong. We will overcome. We may get knocked down temporarily, but we cannot be knocked out completely because Jesus’ resurrection power is inside us. You may get bloodied and wounded, but you are a champion because of Christ. You will arise and fight and win.


Lathur Badoy