God’s Riches Made Available to You through the Cross

Galatians 3:14 He [Christ] redeemed us in order that the blessing given to Abraham might come to the Gentiles through Christ Jesus, so that by faith we might receive the promise of the Spirit.


There is one event in history that brought unbelievable blessings to you, to me, and anyone who believes in Jesus Christ and surrenders his/her life to the Lord! It was Jesus’ death on the cross of Calvary on our behalf. It seems almost inconceivable that one event could accomplish so much for the whole human race.

When Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God, shed his blood and died as the sacrifice that forever washes away our sins, there were other things that happened than just the cleansing from sin. Today, we want to talk about the great riches of God that are made available through the cross of Jesus Christ. We will talk about the serious negative things that were removed from those who believe and obey. These include the penalty of sin, the dominating power of sin, the curses of sickness of body and mind and emotions, and the curse of the law. Then, we will explore the amazing good things that were added to us, which include adoption as sons and daughters of God, the planting of God’s love deep in our hearts, unifying of the people of God composed of people of all races and languages, freedom from Satan, freedom from death, and assurance that we will not be condemned at the Judgment at the end of time.

God’s love and justice met at the cross of Jesus Christ! A new era of humanity and eternity came into being. The old is done away with and the new is introduced.

Whatever your need or situation may be, know that the Lord loves you and has done what you or anyone or anything could do. He gave his Son. His Son died on your behalf. And his sacrifice on the cross makes you rich in many ways if you believe and receive him as Lord and Savior.

God’s richest favors and blessings on your life, family, and ministry today!

Lathur Badoy