Healing from Father Wounds


Psalm 147:3 God heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.

Welcome to Lighthouse Christian Fellowship, your church, your home, your family! We are very happy that you came! We have prayed for our worship celebration today. We are believing the Lord to touch and change your life like no one and nothing else can. The Lord is merciful and gracious, and he will do it. We are excited to see that happen.

Whatever your need or situation may be today, the Lord has a blessing for you! Open your heart to him. Trust him. Obey him. He will not withhold good things from you. At times there is a season of waiting. If that applies to you, be patient, keep believing, and you will receive your answer to prayer. Today can be a day of change for the better. Believe and don’t doubt. For those who feel disappointed or are afraid of hoping again, ask the Lord to help you believe again. He will help you. You can believe again and receive your answer from God.

Today we will be talking about something that is personal. Our goal is to bring some issues to the surface so that we can pray about them and be set free from negative emotions, mindsets, and lifestyles that come from them. We will ask our Father in heaven to heal us from any wounds that have been inflicted on us by our earthly fathers. For some, there may be a bit of discomfort at the start, but the end will be freedom, healing, and release from the emotional & mental wounds. The wounds inflicted on us through some negative experience(s) with our biological fathers may be deep and big, but the love and power of our heavenly Father are able to heal them and set our hearts free.

I am excited for what can happen as a result of our encounter with the truth and with the great, big, unconditional, and perfect love of our Father in heaven today! Let’s listen, believe, respond, and receive!

God’s rich blessings on you and your family today!


Lathur Badoy