A Revivalist’s Resolution

Romans 15:20 It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known.

The Lord created you for a purpose! There is meaning, direction, and fulfillment that come from knowing who you are and what you are meant to live for. You are not an accident. You are on this earth for a reason. And the deepest satisfaction comes from living according to the plan of God for you.

While we are correct in taking care of ourselves by working hard and seeking to reach earthly goals, we are at our best when we are also pursuing eternal goals! It is valid to accumulate finances to build earthly houses, acquire earthly possessions like cars, clothes, and gadgets, and to enjoy life. But it is more urgent and wise to invest in spiritual goals- achieving spiritual good which will last forever.

A revivalist is committed to pursuing eternal goals, not just earthly goals! He is guided by many examples, but his greatest model is the Lord Jesus Christ. While he was walking on this earth some 2,000 years ago, the Lord Jesus lived an exemplary life that every true believer must seek to follow. When a follower of Jesus imitates the ways of Jesus, he will, without trying so hard, live a revivalist’s lifestyle. He will live a life that is well-pleasing to the Father in heaven.

So today, let’s learn or be reminded of some key components of Jesus’ lifestyle that caused him to impact all of humanity for all generations! No pursuit will be rewarded more generously. No sacrifice would be more honored and later shown to be most wise for the person. May all of us today embrace to a greater degree the resolution of a revivalist.

God’s bountiful blessings be on you, your family, and your ministry!
Lathur Badoy