Heaven’s Heroes

Hebrews 11:39 “All of them pleased God because of their faith!…”

Hebrews 11 is a portion of the Bible that contains list of people whom we may call as heaven’s heroes. They are men and women who lived their lives, however imperfectly, for the honor of God and the realization of his plan for earth and the people in it whom God dearly loves. It’s not an exhaustive list. We can find other lists like in Romans 16 and other places. There we find people who loved God and served him.

Throughout history, there are many men and women of different cultures, ages, backgrounds, languages, and so on who are marked in heaven as special because they lived beyond themselves and sought to honor God and help people find God and lives of temporal blessing and eternal significance. Today in the 21st century and, in particular, in this year 2018, there are countless men and women in different cultures who are loving God and loving people. Before the eyes of the Lord God Almighty, they are the really great people. They are heaven’s heroes.

As we have our Ministry Fair today, will you seriously consider signing up for at least one secondary ministry? There is much need in many areas and there is a space somewhere that only you can fill. Would you go out of your comfort zone, take a step of faith, and volunteer? You can make a big difference as you use your many God-given abilities to serve God and help people.

The Lord’s rich blessings be on all of us today!


Lathur D. Badoy