To Ceasar or To God?

Practicing Complete Submission to God while Respecting Earthly Authority

Mark 12:17 Then Jesus said to them, “Give back to Ceasar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s”…

Dear Lighthouse family,

We are thrilled that you made it to our Regathering worship celebration today! It’s always a joy to see you and to worship the Lord together with you! Because the Lord is with us when we seek him together, we expect good things to happen on this gathering. That is exciting.

Pastor Leah and I don’t know what your actual circumstances are today, but we trust that you are growing in your relationship with and service to God, and that you and your family are well. The Lord truly cares about you and he really wants to draw you closer to him and to use you for his great purposes on the earth. If things are quite tough for you these days, be strong in the Lord and do not give up hope. The Lord does not promise to give us a life that is like a bed of roses, but you can be assured that he will walk with you and sustain you through the dark season (even if it may take a long time). Between the prayer and the break through is a wonderful time to discover (or re-discover) the sweetness of a close or intimate relationship with God. It’s a blessing that is far better than just having comfort in life. So be patient and stay close to God. You still have a bright future ahead of you.

Our theme today is honoring God and respecting earthly authority. The Holy Scriptures talk much about this, and so let’s learn or be reminded of those wonderful truths. God is the supreme authority and we need to give him our whole lives. But he has delegated some authority to people, so we need to respect them. But our supreme allegiance is to the Lord, our Maker and God.

May the Lord richly bless you, your family, and your ministry!

With love and prayers,

Pastors Lathur and Leah Badoy