Pursuing Moral Purity

1 Thessalonians 5:22 Stay away from every form of evil.

We live in a world that is increasingly evil and ungodly. Evil has taken on new forms. Satan has worked to blur the distinctions between right and wrong, and righteousness and unrighteousness. Spiritual and moral discernment is at a low point even among churchgoers. Many so-called Christ-followers have accepted and may even be pursuing things which are sinful according to the standards taught by God in the Scriptures.

Today, we will look at God’s will for His people to be morally pure. This includes freedom from evil in the areas of sexuality, money, speech, and others. It covers purity of mind, emotions, and body. The Lord wants His people to be holy or pure. 

Evil or ungodliness in the lives of people many times begins with knowing about evil. The knowledge opens the door to experiences that God never intended for people to have. And the result is harm, destruction, and possibly eternal separation from God. Evil destroys and kills. It must never be allowed into the lives of people who claim to know God and love God.

Let us learn or be reminded of some very popular or common ways evil is allowed in the lives of many people. Some of the things you might hear will not be new to you. Evil has penetrated many areas of our lives as humans (entertainment, education, etc.). You will hear stories of the negative effects of allowing moral impurity into people’s lives. You will be warned. But there will also be guidance on how to follow God’s command for us to pursue moral purity. You will be empowered to love and obey God in this regard.

Whatever your need may be today, know that the Lord wants to bring you close to him. He wants to forgive your sins, heal your life, encourage or comfort you, meet your needs, and even bless you with abundance. Draw close to God. He is the Provider of all that you need (and more). He will welcome you as you come to him with sincerity and in truth. He will bless your life.

Lathur and Leah Hope Badoy