Discipleship Principles and Emphases


1.) Excel in Relationships

  • Value people. Initiate friendships, be a genuine friend, parent, brother.
  • Discipling only takes place in the context of relationships

2.) Abound in love

  • Love covers a multitude of sins
  • Love has many forms and languages – service, forgiveness, acceptance.

By these all men shall know ye are my disciples, if you love one another  (John 13:35)

3.) Establish godly and healthy authority and accountability

  • Slowly establish godly and healthly authority. Discipline takes place in the context of authority and submission.
  • Hebrew 13:17 – submit to spiritual authority.

4.) Regular, consistent, and life-giving fellowship

  • Intentional process
  • Life-giving means refreshing, restorative, and building others up
  • To be life-giving, be full of the Word and the Holy Spirit

5.) Life impartation and modeling

  • Allow individual discipling to take place (group meetings alone are not enough)
  • Allow your life group members to know you and read your life
  • Model Christlike character