Philosophy of leadership

 1.) The goal of the pastor, leaders, and church workers is to equip and mobilize the church for God-honoring ministry to her members and community.

2.) We believe that a church is led by a visionary pastor who is supported by leaders and church workers in the pursuit of fulfilling God’s vision/call for the church. The pastor, leaders, and church workers exercise servant leadership. God expects good followership from the members.

3.) All believers are ministers (servants). God expects mutual ministry to happen within the church .The pastor is not the minister, but the equipper of ministers (believers).

4.) The secret to power in ministry is humility and integrity. Therefore, we seek to develop these qualities in every church leader and minister.

5.) We seek to raise up leaders that are rightly related to church authority and favorably recommended for leadership.

6.) All leaders and ministers serving the Lord in various functions and capacities in the church do so as an act of love and worship to God. The church is to hold the faithful and diligent leaders in esteem and respect.

UNHEALTHY LEADERSHIP CONCEPT:  autocratic or directionless
HEALTHY LEADERSHIP CONCEPT:  strong leadership and focus on equipping believers



Developing essential characteristics of godly leaders:

  1. Faithfulness
  2. Godly Character
  3. Walking in the Spirit
  4. Grounded in the Word of God
  5. Humility
  6. Honesty and integrity
  7. Trustworthiness
  8. Servant Leadership
  9. Submission and Accountability
  10. Commitment

NOTE:   Promotion comes from the Lord