Spiritual and Ministry Values and Emphases

1)  We believe that the passion of every believer is to love the Lord God with all his/her   heart, soul, strength, and mind.

2)  We believe that worship as a ministry and way of life is the greatest privilege God has given to every person.

3)  We believe in the supreme authority of the Bible as the Word of God that is able to transform lives. We are devoted to the truth of the Scriptures as the absolute revelation of God in matters of faith, life, and conduct.

4)  We believe in the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit. We are committed to be a Spirit-led and Spirit- empowered community of believers.

5) We believe that God has called every believer into a lifestyle of fervent prayer and intercession. We are committed to pray, individually and corporately, and intercede for salvation of the spiritually lost, for the building up of the body of Christ, and for peace and prosperity in the land.

6)  We believe that every believer must have compassion for the spiritually lost. The church must be actively involved in the fulfillment of the Great Commission through the sending and commissioning of missionaries, workers and ministers reaching target people groups, through faithful intercession, as well as through generous financial support and other means.

7) We believe that God expects every believer to serve Him and His purposes according to each one’s gift(s) and calling. We are committed to help every believer find and flourish in his or her gift and calling.

8)  We believe in making disciples. We are committed to establishing, growing and multiplying holistic life groups engaged in the intentional and consistent process of leading people to a relationship with Jesus Christ and then nurturing, training and instructing them in the Word of God.

9)  We believe in the church as a local body of believers. We are committed to lead people to be planted in local churches for worship, discipling, edification, mutual affirmation and accountability, fellowship, and covering.

10)  We believe that the church is called to reach and transform the marketplace for Christ by equipping marketplace leaders and releasing them for ministry in their own spheres of influence.

11)  We believe that we must build strong families so as to provide a solid foundation for the gospel to be passed on to the next generation.

12)  We believe in accountability and submission to spiritual leadership that God appoints over believers in the local church.

13)  We believe that God is the owner, controller and source of all our resources and possessions. Therefore, we seek to honor God through faithful stewardship by giving our tithes and offerings.

14)  We believe that the body of Christ consists of different churches and congregations. We seek to help build the body of Christ in accordance with the biblical concept of unity.

15) We believe that the church  is called to engage in acts of kindness and mercy to demonstrate God’s love and mercy.