Conquest 10

Two or three times each year, Lighthouse Christian Fellowship encourages and mobilizes its members to engage in intentional evangelism for a period of ten days. After training, orientation, and planning, the members are released into the offices, campuses, companies, and communities to share the good news of forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ. They seek to conquer spiritual ground for the Lord during a period of ten days. Thus the term “Conquest 10”.

The 10 days where members overcome their fears and share the saving gospel of Jesus Christ are marked by God’s presence, power, and miracles. Hundreds of people hear the gospel. Large numbers surrender their lives to the Lord. The new followers of Jesus are invited into the life groups and Sunday worship celebrations and are helped to grow in their new relationship with God through Jesus Christ. There is much joy and fulfillment on the part of those who participate as they see the power of God and the gospel to save and change lives.