First fruit Prayer and Fasting

Lighthouse believes in the necessity of prayer and fasting for a continuous experience of a dynamic relationship with God. This is true both collectively (as families and as a church) and individually. Since its earliest years, Lighthouse gathers as a church at the beginning of the year for a day or two of corporate prayer and fasting. This is usually on January 2-3 of every year. The gathering follows the principle of first fruit: the first days of the year are given to God as a way of offering the whole year to God.

The first fruit prayer and fasting involves corporate sessions of extended worship and soaking in God’s presence, prayers, and challenging teachings from God’s Word. There are also private times of prayer where individual believers spread out over the venue for a few hours of uninterrupted one-on-one time with God.

The church also practices prayer and fasting (usually for 21 days) on January, the first month of the year. This is practiced on a personal level. The length of the prayer of prayer and fasting depends on each person who will join in the special prayer and fasting season. Some go for 7 days, some 14 days, while others go for 21 days. Any number of days is acceptable. And any form of fast is fine. Some miss one meal a day to pray. Others go for half-day fast (where one may eat beginning 3pm) or other systems of fasting. The investment of time and effort during this season at the beginning of the year results to many victories and blessings that are experienced and enjoyed during the rest of the year.