Door of Hope

Isaiah 40:2 Speak tenderly…Tell her that her sad days are gone and her sins are pardoned.

Hope. We need it. We all want it. Yet so many people live defeated lives. A large number suffer from feelings or condemnation or hopelessness. Depression runs rampant among people. Even people who go to church can lose hope if they forget who they are in Christ or if they don’t remember the great deeds & amazing promises of God for them.

Today, let’s receive a fresh dose of hope from the Lord. Yes there are troubles. Yes we can suffer the sad consequences of our foolish or wrong choices. But the Lord remains willing to forgive. He is able and desirous to help us overcome. We can start again even after we have failed. There is living hope for you and me.

Have you given up on hope because you have done some wrong things and making things right seems too difficult? Does the situation you have dug yourself in appear to be impossible to get out of? Are you in a relationship or situation that looks too complicated that you get tired & stressed out just thinking how you may even just begin to get out of it? Is there a long-standing financial struggle, personal addiction, relational wound, or frustration at work or school that seems not to go away in spite of your attempts to gain the victory in them? The Lord wants to say to you today that there is hope for you. Draw close to Jesus, the door of hope, and you will experience a love and a power that would change your life and turn things around for you.

Rejoice and be glad for you will yet get out of your negative situation. The Lord loves you and will be gracious to you as you come to him. He is just a prayer away. And he will not reject you as you come to him in sincerity and humility.


Lathur Badoy