God Gives You a Second Chance

We are very happy that you came today! Welcome to Lighthouse Christian Fellowship, your church, your home, your family, where you belong! We hope and pray that you will have a positive experience today! May the Lord bless you and your family because you came.

God is the God of the Second Chance! He is a God who gives people a new beginning in life. He loves people so much that he longs to restore them and bless them.

Today we want to talk about getting a second chance in life! Many of us need that. We have messed up. We have thrown away the golden opportunities and precious relationships God gives us. We have failed. But we can have a fresh start in life if we want to.

God is a loving God! He wants to heal and restore you! He wants to give you hope and a wonderful future. You can find God and the new life that he gives freely. You can be set on a new path with a new life in God today. It doesn’t matter where you’ve been and what you’ve done. God will forgive your sins if you mean to change and follow him from this point on. He will break the curses over your life and speak his blessing over you. You can have a second chance in life today.

Have you walked away from God? Have you wasted the life he has given you? Are you burned out and want to be restored? Come to the Lord. He is the God of the second chance. And he will give you a fresh start today. You will have a new beginning because of the mercy of God!

The Lord has a blessing for your every need! Come to him and receive his help!

Lathur Badoy