Letter From the Pastor

Welcome to Change Destination Sunday! We are so glad that you came. We pray that you will experience the Lord in great and awesome ways today. He wants you to know him and acknowledge who he is.

Today we want to talk about the amazing benefits of knowing God and spending forever with him in the amazing place called “heaven”. These things are absolutely awesome, and our hearts feel like bursting with joy and excitement even just thinking about them. May you be inspired to surrender to our magnificent Creator God who is also our loving Father in heaven.

To know God is the greatest of all privileges. To be loved by God is the greatest of all loves. To live forever with God is the greatest of all delights. 

Heaven is the place where God lives. In eternity, heaven will come down to a restored / renewed earth, and those who love and obey God will enjoy God’s creation without end. Though the Bible does not paint a complete picture of life with God in heaven, it does give some pretty compelling and moving descriptions. When we understand what the Bible says about God and heaven, we will be radically transformed. We will see life, the future, following Jesus, and serving God very differently. Great joy coming from an anticipation of mind-blowing and heart-pounding things ahead will fill our lives.

The Lord is not willing that any person will live forever away from him. Instead, he wants all to acknowledge him and live in love forever under his rule. Is Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior in your life? Do you have a strong confidence in your life that the way you live honors God and, therefore, you have the assurance that you are going to live forever with God in heaven.

By the end of this worship celebration, we desire that you will be sure that your eternal destination is God and heaven. If as you entered this hall you were on your way to hell because you were not living for God, may you “change destination” today. Don’t delay. Surrender to the rule of God in your life and you will become a child of God and a citizen of heaven.

May the Lord richly bless you and your family and ministry. Enjoy.

Lathur Badoy