Magnifying God’s Name Through Enjoying God

Joy is power! Joy empowers a person to do great things. When someone is happy, he can overcome even unbelievable odds. Happy people are able to continue when others have already given up.

The above is true in life in general and the Christian life in particular. Joy strengthens a person on the inside so that he is able to be what he could never be when he is not joyful. Happiness enables a person to accomplish what he or she would never be able to do if he were not energized by joy.

Magnifying God’s name (glorifying God) cannot really be done by unhappy people! Christians who are weighed by legalism or just fulfilling “Christian duties” will not be able to make God’s name look awesome to the world. It takes people who are energized by joy in God to declare the excellencies of God to a needy and troubled world. It is joyful people who can fulfill what God says and make God appear to people as he really is – the great and glorious God.

Today, we will look at some wonderful truths that may be obvious or known to some, but may be hidden from others. There are large numbers of Christians who have embraced a “duty” view of relating to God, instead of a “joyful” view of relationship with God. The Bible describes the Christian life as a happy life in God. Happiness is the fire of praise and the basis for adoring (worshipping) God. You cannot magnify God if you do not feel joyful in him.

Be ready for a mindset change that will result to a transformation of your Christian life! Be equipped to live victoriously and witness effectively. The joy of the Lord in your life will be the dynamite factor that will bring your life to the next (higher) level.