One Minute After You Die: Reflections on Heaven and Hell

Matthew 25:46 “Then they [who did not do what God commanded] will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.”

Welcome to our worship celebration today! We are really happy that you made it. The Lord will touch your life like no one can. You will be blessed because you gave time to the Lord. Open your heart to him. Let God be God in your life, and you will be thrilled with the new things he will do in your life beginning today.

God is changing lives. He will forgive your sins. He will fix your broken relationships. He can replace what was wrongfully taken by the devil from you. He will make you new. You can have a new beginning with him.

Today, we want to talk about Change Destination. We want to discuss the uncomfortable but crucial topic of people’s possible final destinations. Our goal is to understand what God says about the kinds of decisions and lifestyles that bring people to either heaven or hell as their permanent residence forever. The truth we find in God’s Word can direct our lives toward choices and directions that please God and secure a wonderful final destination with him.

What happens after a person dies? Where does his spirit go? How can we prepare ourselves to ensure that we are ready to meet our God and Creator? What does the Bible really say about heaven and hell?  Let’s learn what the Bible says about these things and act on them so we are ready to face God in the Judgment. It’s not scary for those who are prepared; but it can be terrifying for those who are not ready.

Today is a day of forgiveness and freedom for you! Today is the day for a changed life. Receive God’s bountiful blessings for your needs and even some of your desires!


Lathur Badoy