September 30, 2018

  1. Make an impact in eternity as you take part in our EACH ONE, CHANGE ONE CAMPAIGN CYCLE 8 starting this October 2018. Be excited to be used mightily by God and build a strong foundation in prayer through our MORNING PRAYparations on October 8 – 13 (Monday – Saturday), 6:15 – 7:30 AM at The Lighthouse, People’s Park. Be excited to invite your family members, friends, classmates & colleagues to our CHANGE SUNDAYS starting on October 14 until November 11 (5 Sundays) at The Lighthouse, Victoria Plaza. In Jesus, there is real and lasting change!
  1. A new breed of leaders are rising up to take their God-given calling to the next level as we witness the JOINT POST ENCOUNTER POWER SERIES, SCHOOL OF LEADERS 1 & 2 GRADUATION on October 7 (Sunday), 1:15 – 3:30 PM at The Lighthouse, Victoria Plaza. Show your support and love to the graduates as they commenced an exciting adventure with Jesus! Be there!
  1. Mark the date for SCHOOL OF LEADERS 3 starting on October 10 (Wednesday), 7:00 – 10:00 PM at The Lighthouse, People’s Park. Be trained and honed to become the leader of leaders God has called you to be. Allow God to expand your vision and perspective for His glory. You are born to be a leader! Enroll now!
  1. Let’s keep our prayers for the INTERNATIONAL MISSION TRIP TO BANGKOK AREA & NORTHEAST THAILAND. The 18-man Mission Team will minister to Pastors, Youth Leaders, & Missionaries as well as host & sponsor a Children’s Party of about 130 tribal kids from Thailand and Myanmar. Cover in prayers all the itineraries and activities of the team. Your prayers and support are very much appreciated. Together, let’s be a blessing to the nations!