Why Would a Good God Send People to Hell?

Matthew 25:46 “Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.”

Welcome to our special worship celebration today! We are truly happy that you came. We have prepared for today and we pray that you will have an experience of the Lord that will change your life.

Today we want to talk about some serious topic. We want to ask the question, “Why would a good God send people to hell?” The question may not be easy to answer, and the discussion may involve some discomfort. But thankfully there are enough satisfactory answers. Listen, learn, and be changed by the truths from Jesus Christ and men of God who wrote inspired ideas for humanity.

The Lord is concerned about you, and so are we. The Lord wants you to avoid suffering without end in a dark and lonely place marked by extreme suffering and regret. Instead he wants you to spend eternity with him in the place of life, happy companionship, light, and fulfillment of hopes & dreams. This is the place the Bible calls as heaven. God is there as its central reality and it’s source of unbelievable blessings.

Where you will spend eternity is a matter of supreme importance. Your action on this matter is urgent. Choose now. Choose God over yourself. Choose heaven over hell. Settle the issue of your eternal or final destination now.

May the Lord richly bless your life and bring you close to him! May you encounter God today and this week, and so have your life transformed in a way that impacts your eternal, final destination! God bless you abundantly!


Lathur Badoy